Not Since Al Gore...
... has someone brought as much to the INTERNET!'

"Wow, what a site.  I Couldn't put it down!  And what about the ending?!?!?

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Who is the Geek Dude?

In my office I'm the Alpha Geek, I'm the go-to guy for questions concerning the computer, printers, email, the internet and all assorted technology in the office.  That means (by design) when an agent needs something done on the computer, they come to me.  First, I will typically scoff at them and make them feel inferior (this does wonders to my own fragile self-esteem).  My favorite response is read the F***ing Manual! or "Did you read the F.M.?"  Knowing all the time that true real estate agents NEVER read the F.M.  Then, I realize that I they are the folks that are earning commissions to pay for my services, I relent and either fix the problem or remind them (in a nice way this time) a better way to do things and that computers are stupid and technology is our friend

But I'm Getting Better All The Time

I SWEAR!  I have looked into the abyss of I.T. Power and have stepped back a new man.  Willing to help my fellows (and maybe earn a shekel or two..).

My Mom Would Be So Proud

Here is a bit of my background, resume etc.  I'm not sure if anyone really cares but of course, my mom is proud of it!

Currently I am the General Manager of the Gary Kent Team of RE/MAX Associates.  We are the All-time #1 RE/MAX Agent-Team in all of San Diego and continue to do so.  In 2005, we closed over $100,000,000 in real estate.  Most of those sales were from repeat and referral clients but at least $14,000,000 can be attributed to our internet presence.

I'm also an part-time Instructor for Palomar College in San Marcos.  I've been an instructor there on and off since the late 1980's and have also taught under graduate and graduate real estate courses for National University.  My on campus address is where I am trying some cool things like Pod Casting my real estate classes.

I hold a BBA along with an MBA in Finance from National University.

I've been a Broker since 1984 and started in the real estate industry back in 1977.  Since then I have spent 12 years in the Title Insurance industry, have owned and managed my own property management company, have managed a real estate office, have been a loan officer.  Outside of real estate, I also launched a successful nationwide sales campaign for a Court Reporting firm, have managed a law firm and sold CRM solutions through a GoldMine (now FrontRange) VAR.

When did I become a GEEK?  Probably back in 1998, when I bought my first copy of FrontPage.  Back then the web was wild and woolly.  I posted up our first website for the law firm I was managing. and helped in creating one for the Southern California Association Healthcare Risk Managers - SCAHRM.  My first web lecture was to this association when I was introducing them to the very basics of the internet (long before HIPAA).  And one of my first websites was a very basic site for them in the early days of the internet.


Am I a true GEEK

Probably not, in all honesty.  To the real GEEKS out there, put down your light sabers before I tell you the ultimate truth about me.  I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies.  There I said it.  My neighbor had a bootleg copy and I tried one to watch it but it was such a bad copy.  So until I do, I know that I am only a Poser-Geek.


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