Not Since Al Gore...
... has someone brought as much to the INTERNET!'

"Wow, what a site.  I Couldn't put it down!  And what about the ending?!?!?

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What is a Real Estate Geek?

In my office I'm the Alpha Geek, I'm the go-to guy for questions concerning the computer, printers, email, the internet and all assorted technology in the office.  That means (by design) when an agent needs something done on the computer, they come to me.  First, I will typically scoff at them and make them feel inferior (this does wonders to my own fragile self-esteem).  My favorite response is click here to read the rest

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What level of Real Estate Geek are you?

GeekDom has its own pecking order.  The following is a scale of 1-10 to help you decide where you place on the world of Geeks -
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So What Is This Site All About?

Thanks for asking.  First and foremost it is about commerce.  That is right, the almighty dollar, I'm a capitalist and make no apologies about it.  Lots of the information is offered free of charge.  Offers will be made to help lighten your load for a fee.  For a list of services please contact me at

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Question:  Do You Need to Be a Top-Level Geek to Be Successful in Real Estate?

Answer: No - Click Here for my entire diatribe on Real Estate Agents & Technology

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