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... has someone brought as much to the INTERNET!'

"Wow, what a site.  I Couldn't put it down!  And what about the ending?!?!?

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Content is KING

Forget marketing for a moment and ask yourself this question.
Q. Why do people use the internet?
A. To find information

Therefore, if you want people to like your site, give them GREAT CONTENT and make it easy for them to find it

Writing Website Content

Okay, now start thinking about marketing again

Q. Why do you have your website?
NO - really, Why do you have your website?

The following are several possible answers (and editorials).
A(1). It seemed like a good idea at the time and everyone else was buying one at the office (okay, at least you are honest)
A(2). I thought I could get some business from it (A good start)
A(3). I want a static brochure to convey "how cool I am" to prospects  (again with the honesty)
A(4). I want to provide the real estate buying and selling community with vital information, data, tips and resources at their internet fingertips (less honest, but finally on a good path).

Here is my take on it.   Your website must have good content for 2 reasons.  #1 for the public and #2 for the search engines.

The good news is that they can go hand in hand.  The bad news is that most sites suck.

"So, Mr. Geek Coach Dude, How can I have a site that doesn't suck?"

Thanks for asking.  It isn't easy.  You may have to actually think about it.  The biggest problem is that lots of site are simply template sites that are by definition cookie-cutter.  You start with the same information that every other real estate agent client does.  The solution means taking time to either write good copy yourself, or to pay money to have a good copy writer do it for you.

Start with the end in mind.  What do you want the consumer to get when they go to your site?  What message do you want them to receive?  What action(s) do you want them to take?


Keyword Density -vs-Keyword Stuffing

After analyzing your keywords that you are optimizing your site for, you need to pepper your ad copy with them.  Please note, this should be natural.  Keyword stuffing is considered Search Engine Spamming and will work against you.


Copyright -

This is not high school, no going online to download your term paper.  Copying someone else's work should be avoided for 3 reasons.

1. It is wrong - This should be reason enough.

2. Just because it has already been written doesn't make it good.

3. Search engines will penalize you for duplicate content.

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