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What is in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet."  - --From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) W. Shakespeare

What is in a name?  A domain name that is.  Often times it is critical portion of your website process.  The cool part is that the cost of registering a domain is so low now!  At Domain Names (also referred to as a URL - Uniform Resource Locator).

What does it cost?  Only $8.88 a year and less for extended years.

What name should I choose?  Okay, here are where the arguments start.  So follow along closely.

Start with grabbing "your name" dot com.  Try to avoid dot net, or other TLD's (top level domains).  If  your name is taken go for a variation, such as YourNameHomes dot com for example.

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Next think about your keywords, this will drive lots of latter decisions.  Such as YourCityRealEstate or YourCityHomes.  These are probably taken.  Now be creative, Joe Stumpf likes things like LovelyYourCityHomes.  My advice is to keep it as short as possible.  Avoid numbers, dashes and hyphens for the site that you will promote to the public.  Keep it easy to read over the phone to a client so they get it.

How long should you buy it for?  Calculate how long you plan to stay in real estate and then add 1 year.  Currently, the maximum length available is 10 years.  There are some SEO experts that say that the search engines actually look at length of ownership as a portion of their algorithm.  With the thought being that more weight is given to websites that have been on the net for a long time and with owners that plan to keep them up for awhile.

SEO and Domain Names

Domain names are primarily a way for you to identify your website to the public so keep it easy to remember.  Avoid mixing in dashes and numerals as they just make it confusing.

There may be a reason to have a dashed name version.  For instance for my White Hat Links Project,  I have 2 domain names, also,  Why?  The dashed version is the core site, and the "scrunched" site is the one I'll put on my business cards and dealing with the public.  The dashed site will be easier for search engine spiders to find.  Do I have 2 sites up?  No No No - It is simply a redirect.






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