Not Since Al Gore...
... has someone brought as much to the INTERNET!'

"Wow, what a site.  I Couldn't put it down!  And what about the ending?!?!?

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SEO Rosetta Stone

Remember the Rosetta Stone?  It provided Archaeologists with a vital tool to compare several ancient languages.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rosetta Stone is my timid attempt to pull together the basics of SEO for the Real Estate Community.


Organic Listings

The Holy Grail of SEO is to have our website found by the search engines, Google, MSN, Yahoo and more.  This website will help you locate many cool tools based on the Top 9 ways to enhance your website


Domain Name Registration

Title Tags


Link Building


Content - Keyword density, freshness, quantity and quality

Structure Site Map

Page Reputation - What other influential pages are saying about yours


Search Engine Marketing

Kevin's Book Club

Learn more about some of the book titles that I've found to be particularly helpful for SEO, SEM, Web Design, Technology Real Estate and General Business.


such and such

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