Not Since Al Gore...
... has someone brought as much to the INTERNET!'

"Wow, what a site.  I Couldn't put it down!  And what about the ending?!?!?

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Tech Resources



Turn it off and reboot if that doesn't work, here are some more detailed resources. 

Screwing around with your computer  may foul it up more than you can believe.  These are suggestions, if they mess up your computer TOO BAD!  Please don't come griping to me if one of pearls of wisdom do not work for your situation.  Call a real geek to fix it, but these solutions have worked for me in the past

Basic Tips

1. Make sure everything is plugged in to power, the power is on and the machines are connected to each other.  (believe me, do this first)

2. Keyboards and mice get dirty and die.  Either learn how to clean them with compressed air and rubbing alcohol or buy new ones and change them out.


Intermediate Tips

Error Messages -Type the error (or copy and paste) into google and see where it leads you.  There is a veritable army of true GEEKS out there who have answered this question before and you will be able to access  their knowledge.


Advanced Tips








Remember... there is no crying in computer repair!

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